Government should deduct tithe from people’s salaries- Archbishop Lwanga

Written by on October 30, 2018

Kampala Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga has proposed that government be involved in ensuring Christians, specifically Catholics pay tithe to enable the church fund its litany of activities successfully.  Lwanga made the statements during the 52nd Kampala archdiocese anniversary celebrations at Rubaga Cathedral, Sunday, during his homily.   The archbishop, who has lately been in good terms with president Museveni argued that Christians are not tithing correctly, hence hindering pastoral and developmental work. He proposed that government be involved in the process instead.   Giving an example of Germany, Lwanga claimed that the Germans have an agreement with their government where tithe is deducted off salary.  “The Germans make an agreement with their government to deduct tithe and send it to respective churches, this money they use to build and rehabilitate churches. If you earn Shs1m for instance, government pays you Shs 900,000 and the Shs 100,000 is sent to the church,” Lwanga said.  Lwanga also argued that instead of the several collection baskets passed around during mass, the process will ensure that members of the congregation only come to pray and no collections involved except at offertory.    The archbishop said many people have failed to pay their exact tithe percentages because they treat it like a by the way. He urged Christians to support him because the idea once actualized would be for the benefit of the church and the Christians at large  “Aren’t you tired of putting money in baskets? Allow me send this proposal for the good of all of us. Support me like Christians, actually clap for me. We lie to God that we are giving tithe, some one asked me why we have so many baskets.”  “Whenever we ask for tithe, people only give what they have in the pocket at the time, yet the bible talks about tithing tenth of what you actually earn,” he said.  Lwanga’s comments have caused storm with many people taking to social media to disagree with the clergyman.

courtesy of The Nile Post

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