Police hunts for another suspect in child’s murder

Written by on October 31, 2018

Police is hunting for an unidentified woman who has been the care taker of the house in which a one and a half year old Nalunga Lilian was murdered by her own mother Harriet Nakalema.  Police says the caretaker, who is a sister to the house owner only known as Annet, has since evaded them for questioning.  Child rights organizations have condemned the act and called for more efforts towards stabilizing families.  On Monday evening, the country received shocking news of a gruesome murder of a one and a half year old Nalunga Lilian by her mother Harriet Nakalema.  The suspect was a maid in Najjera Balintuma zone at a house of a one Annet who lives in Canada.  Police is now hunting for Annet’s sister who is yet to be identified, said to have been the caretaker of the property.  “From the time we left the crime scene, this caretaker had not returned nor the other children. We left our numbers but she has not contacted us but we have to go back, look for her and question her,” said Luke Owoyesigyire, the KMP spokesperson.  At the murder scene, a few organs were recovered and forwarded for expert forensic analysis but police suspects this could have been a ritual murder.  Police is now looking for the remaining organs.

Abenet Leykun Berhanu the country director AMREF Health Africa, one of the child rights protection organisations has condemned the act and called for reasonable punishment.  “We condemn the act and condemn members of the public who subject children to torture, corporal punishment and act of this nature that often result in incidents like this” said Berhanu.  The suspect, who is currently held at Kiira police division, is set to undergo mental examination as police seeks to establish whether the action of Nakalema was as a result of a mental disorder.

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