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Here is a sneak peek into what i have lined up for you this Saturday on NXT TOP 20. I have some exits and new entries, catch the show this Saturday at noon and find out. My humble quest to propel the local talent and entertainment industry to legendary status continues with a deep a conversation with Pallaso, he shares insights on the thorny intended local entertainment regulation by policy makers. Was this ‘directive’ in good faith, is it retrogressive or progressive, what more can policy makers do to regulate and guide the local entertainment industry in a more acceptable way, who are the stake holders, why is the intended ‘directive’ rubbing so many stake holders the wrong way? Catch this kabozi and more exclusive to NXT TOP 20.

sucker free boss Pallaso


Over the last three months i have also noticed with keen interest the rise of fresh home grown talent,local talent now controls over 80% of the NXT TOP 20 playlist, The quality of visuals is also getting better,the sky is the limit.


Be sure to catch this week’s epic episode, as we also celebrate 33 years of NRM and a progressive rhythm of our motherland, Uganda.


Watch and listen to NXT TOP 20 on STAR TIMES 243,we are also streaming LIVE at nextradio.co.ug/live. Catch us on 106.1 FM or download our mobile app, and bump to BIG HITS on the go!

See you Saturday noon!

DJ BUSH BABY(@djbushbaby)

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