Fille: I’m ready to get back with Kats if he is ready to change

Written by on January 30, 2019

Fille Mutoni, the star singer of the Love Again fame, has confirmed that she is no longer with her long-time live-in boyfriend and music manager, MC Kats, but also revealed that she is ready to give him a second chance if he can change his ways.   Mc Kats and fill were first reported to have broken up a couple of months ago, reportedly because of allegations of cheating on mc Kat’s side, and the singer confirmed the rumours while speaking to the media yesterday.   Fille said, “We no longer live under the same roof. I have not been understanding Kats for some time now. I have even been wondering whether Kats feels that I have now grown old and therefore I am no longer his type.”  However, the singer reiterated that she still respects Kats because of how far they have come from together, and also because he is the father of her kid.  “I have this feeling that Kats shouldn’t be the one doing all this to me, because he is the one who made me what I am today,” Fille revealed. “ We started working together when I was a teenager, when we became friends and he taught me many things.  His hardwork made me fall in love with him.”  “And I am ready to give him a chance if he is willing to change his characters because he is the father of my kid and I respect him,” Fille Started

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