Singer Kusasira refuses to make statement pinning Kasirye Gwanga for shooting at her vehicle

Written by on February 6, 2019

Singer Catherine Kusasira has up to now refused to make a statement at police in regards the incident in which her vehicle was shot at by Rtd. Maj.Gen.Kasirye Gwanga.  The maverick Gwanga last week shot car tyres for Kusasira’s car after being incensed with its occupants who were allegedly playing loud music and refused to heed to requests to turn the volume down. However, police spokesperson, Fred Enanga told journalists that the NRM leaning singer has up to now declined to record a statement in regards what happened on the fateful day.
“She has still declined to record a statement despite several attempts to get it from her by police at Katwe,”Enanga told journalists. Speaking to Ssanyuka TV last week, the singer said the altercation started when the retired UPDF officer’s children made a wrong turn in the road prompting her aides to condemn the action and this attracted an exchange of words from the two groups but noted that she later came and apologized to the no nonsense retired UPDF soldier but all in vain.  “I tried to calm him but he was charged and requested for his gun. I apologized to him for the mistake. He said if it was not me, he would destroy the vehicle but said as an act of disciplining me, he was shooting to deflate the car tyres,”Kusasira said.  In defence, Gwanga said he shot because he shot the car to save the lives of Kusasira’s aides and other road users because the former were drunk.
“Catherine Kusasira and her boys were drank. We are not supposed to drive while drunk so I shot the car tyres to save their lives,” he said.
However, the police spokesperson told journalists that they are still waiting for Kusasira to turn up and record a statement but threatened the case would be thrown in the bin if the singer fails to appear.
“We are  calling upon any other independent witnesses to the crime like bystanders or other victimized persons to come forward and assist in the investigations. If at any stages, she makes it perfectly clear that she will not cooperate with the investigations, we shall seek the opinion of the DPP on whether we can proceed without her statement or not.”
If the key witnesses fail to turn up to record statements pinning Rtd. Maj.Gen.Kasirye Gwanga, the case is slated to  suffer a natural death as many others have happened in the past.

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