Ivan Ssemwanga’s brother Edy Cheune arrested over conning Dubai businesswoman 16 billion

Written by on February 21, 2019

The late Ivan Ssemwanga’s brother Eddy Kyeyune (popularly known as Ed Cheune) has been arrested on charges of conning a Dubai-based Russian woman of USD 4.5 million (about Ush 16 billion) in a fake gold deal.
The Internal Security organisation (ISO) has confirmed the arrest of Cheune, saying they moved in to arrest Cheune after he began issuing death threats to a woman whom he partnered with on the crime upon learning that the woman was co-operating with local and international authorities to give evidence against him. The said woman Cheune is reported to have co-operated with on the con job is the widow of the late singer AK 47 (Mayanja), who was the youngest of the Mayanja singing brothers who include Jose Chameloene, Weasel and Pallaso.
Sources in ISO have also revealed that it is AK47’s widow (Nalongo Maggie Kiweesi) and her business associate Nasser Nduhukire (popularly known as Don Nasser) who brought about the arrest of Edy Cheune after they divulged to ISO all the details of the deal they worked on with Cheune to con the Dubai-based Russian businesswoman. That this happened when Cheune refused to pay AK47’s widow and Don Nasser their shares in the gold deal , instead threatening to harm them and their families every time they contacted him for their cuts.
Our sources also tell us that Cheune (who lives between Uganda and South Africa) might possibly be extradited to Dubai to answer charges there.
Cheune now joins Vivian Mbuga on the list of high-profile, flashy-but-shady Ugandan business people who have over the last few days been arrested on charges of conning international businessmen. SK Mbuga’s wife Vivian Chebet was arrested over the weekend on charges of money-laundering and fraud, linked to her reported conning a Swedish national of millions of dollars in working conjunction with her husband. SK Mbuga on his part was also last week extradited from a Dubai prison to Denmark on fraud-related charges.
Like his late brother Ivan Ssemwanga, Cheune lives a larger-than-life flashy life in the public eye, driving posh cars, dressing to kill and throwing around huge bills at hang-outs and nightclubs.

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