Ykee Benda hits back at A-Pass, says he is confused by rural-urban excitement 

Written by on March 18, 2019

It would seem like the war of words between Ykee Benda and A Pass isn’t about to stop. And after A Pass recently called Ykee ‘gifted at making bubble gum music’, we have to admit Ykee Benda seems to be winning the war with smart come-backs, wisely painting A Pass in a certain way that’s rather hard to ignore.
Speaking on a local TV show earlier today, when asked about what’s really the issue between him and A Pass, Ykee smartly described the issue to be about A Pass having -Rural-Urban excitement,’ and then hinted on A Pass being a fan of his who is so obsessed with him.
“I think A Pass simply has something called Rural-Urban excitement,” Ykee responded to the question about his issues with A Pass. (Rural-Urban excitement is a term used to refer to how people who have moved to urban areas from the village become so excited by the modernity of urban life that they lose self-control and begin to act wild).
“For three years now, since I came through, he has always had something to say about me. He must obsessed. When I went to the World Cup, it is him who was again most excited, celebrating me even more than myself!” Ykee added.

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