As Bugingo marriage falls apart, both sides rush to the media to air their dirty laundry

Written by on May 2, 2019

Mrs. Teddy Bugingo, the wife of House of Prayer honcho Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, has revealed how the current woes in her marital home with the ‘man of God’ began, revealing how she kept the woes in the family a secret while praying in the hope that they’d be solved, and added that she still loves her man and is ready to reconcile with him.  Speaking to the media about the conflict earlier today, Teddy Bugingo said that the preacher began by staying away from home for a couple of days back in 2006, something which he had never done all the time they had been married, That Pr. Bugingo would go away for two or three days, and upon return tell her not to ask him anything about where he had been, instead changing clothes and going away again. The lady says this began growing a gulf between them.  “Then one day he called the children together and told them, ‘I’m no longer the husband of your mother,’ which left me and the children all in tears,” Mrs. Bugingo narrated. ‘We really cried about it, but he didn’t seem to care, and continued to grow aloof from us as a family. He stared to no lonegr call me ‘Wife’ or any endearing name, now calling me by my name Teddy.”  “I am a Muganda lady who was trained not to go discussing family issues in public, so I chose not to tell our family woes to people except my close friends and relatives,” Mrs. Bugingo further said. “I instead went on my knees and began to pray for my marriage and family, realizing it was Satan who had attacked us. It’s Pr. Bugingo who last year began to discuss the issues through salt media channels, and even then I refused to talk to the media a long time.”  The estranged wife of Pr. Bugingo says while she continued to work at House of Prayer Minsitries, they were more less no longer husband and wife, because they no longer rarely sat down to talk but just crossed paths as everyone went about their specific duties at the ministry.  “He has been asking me for divorce for more than two years now,” Mrs. Bugingo reveals. “But I can’t sign divorce papers because I am a follower of Christ who follows the Bible, and it doesn’t allow divorce. We swore before God to be together for good and for worse, and I respect that.”  Mrs. Bugingo also revealed that she is ready to reconcile and get back with her man.  “I still and love respect him as my husband, and I’m ready to get back with him. I know him more than almost anyone else, and I know his weaknesses and I am ready to forgive some of them, such as claiming I wanted to poison her,” Mrs. Bugingo said. “That’s not a claim to take serious, he says it about everyone he separates with. After he fell out with Pr. Martin Ssebuguzi (Dr. Sserwadda’s son) he said Pr. Martin was also trying to poison him.”  Mrs. Teddy Bugingo also appealed to church elders and fathers in the nation to intervene in her marital woes with her husband, and talk to Pr. Bugingo to come to his senses and act in the proper interests of his family, as well as in obedience to the word of God which outlaws divorce.

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