Pastor Bugembe to Pastor Bugingo: ‘Con’ your wife and children afresh, sit with them and sort your family issues privately

Written by on May 3, 2019

As pastor Bugingo’s family woes continue to make rounds on social media, different pastors are coming out to speak on Bugingo’s estranged marriage and offer some advice. Today youthful preacher Pastor Wilson Bugembe also joined the list of Pentecostal clergy who have spoken out on the matter and even offered some advice to Pastor Bugingo (whom he addressed as ‘my father’ in homage to the House of Prayer leader’s seniority).
Pastor Bugembe said that the controversy of Pr. Bugingo’s family woes has “really embarrassed us as Balokole (Pentecostals).” Pr. Bugembe also revealed that in his opinion, many ‘Pentecostals’ seem to be celebrating Pastor Bugingo’s woes because the House of Prayer leader has for long acted as a self-appointed referee of all ‘Balokole in the country, ‘castigating and reviling’ many Balokole leaders in a not-very-nice way.
From that, however, Pastor Bugembe went on go offer Pastor Bugingo advice, calling upon his ‘senior’ to con his wife and children afresh, and to go sit with them to sort their family issues out of the public eye.
“From what I have seen his wife and daughter say, he really lost their affection and love, they seem to feel very betrayed, and the onus is I think on him as the man to lead the way in sorting his family. We weren’t there when him and his wife were ‘conning’ each other, so he should handle it first between himself and his wife, then bring the children into the picture”
“If the wife wronged him in any grave way, then Pr. Bugingo should follow the example of Christ and forgive her,” Pr. Bugembe said. ‘That will in fact show the world that he is really Born-again and forgives, and it will even show that as Balokole we forgive, that act will preach the gospel. otheriwse, God hates divorce. Even Jesus was mistreated but he forgave his tormentors.”
Pr. Bugembe, however, also said that from his interactions with Pr. Bugingo, the latter is a good man who only needs to tame his tongue.

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