Bad Black tells off Irene Ntale for her views on prostitution

Written by on June 14, 2019

Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black has come out to tell off Irene Ntale that she has no bragging rights of attacking prostitutes now that she is not married.  On Martyrs Day Irene Ntale told off her stalkers and those who wanted her hand in marriage to give her a break as she was not ready.  “Clearly I am not ready for marriage, please don’t propose, okay bye.”Her fans mostly female pleaded with her to give it a chance especially if Mr. Right came along. One reminded her of how she promised to settle down before she was 30, but the Pen and Paper singer stuck to her guns.  She retaliated with another tweet.  “Some of us became the men we wanted to have.”  They went on to remind her that not settling down could be interpreted by some as one who wants to mingle with everyone.  The former Swangz Avenue singer shot back.  “Being a whore is not something you learn; I strongly believe it is inborn.”  This was like pressing a wrong button for Bad Black, she jumped in on this directly attacking Irene Ntale.  “If you are not one of them, why are you not married and yet you’re of age.”

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