Anitah Da Diva seeks getaway from druggy and violent boyfriend

Written by on August 21, 2019

Teary, seemingly worn-out, and nursing deep cuts and wounds, a sorry-looking Anitah Da Diva appears in a video through which she asks the public to help her stay away from her violent boyfriend who has forced her into drug abuse.  Anitah Da Diva, real name Anita Tushabe, was one of the most promising female dancehall artistes in Uganda. She started out with the Dream Girls group together with Renah Nalumansi and Leila Kayondo.  Her rise to fame however only came when she broke away from the girls’ group to pursue a solo career. She released her biggest song titled ‘Zero Distance‘ which earned her a spot in the dynamic industry.  She is also known for other songs like Dance OvernightKalibaMungatoSure Win (feat. Sizzaman), Water (feat. King Michael), Wine (feat. Weasel), among others.  Her recent songs; Is Your Wallet Full and Yele – all released in May 2019 – did not receive the desired airplay despite her revealing how she badly needed a comeback.  Her detachment with the industry can be traced back to 2015 when she separated with her then boyfriend and music producer Nash Wonder. She reveals that she broke away from Nash to settle with her current boyfriend.  She notes that it was a sweet relationship with her new partner and she was willing to settle with him but, along the way, he turned into a different person who would beat her each time he returned home drunk.  Anitah has scars and fresh wounds allover her body which she shows and claims that they are evidence of some of the beatings and stabbings she has been subjected to by the yet to be identified man.  The hoarse-voiced singer also reveals that on top of the physical torture, this boyfriend subjected her to drug abuse.  The use of illegal drugs has been a wide vice in the entertainment industry for many years with several artistes later losing their senses and wasting away.  Anitah reveals that her boyfriend is her greatest influence in abusing drugs and they are the only things he buys willingly for her in addition to expensive liquor.  She is now worried that anytime, if she does not restrain from his influence and lifestyle, she might succumb to over-usage of the drugs or the battering.  She further reveals that she has been suffering for too long because she wanted to keep that information away from the public since she is a celebrity but it’s now out of hand.  She now asks for help from the public to enable her stay away from such bad company which has made her uncertain of the future.

I can stop these drugs if I get someone who can manage and help me leave this man’s home and back into my music career. I had my talent and I used to work but I’m a wreck now. I will die if I’m not helped.

Anita Da Diva

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