Bebe Cool, Jose Chameleone mothers get death threats

Written by on September 30, 2019

Singer Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool and self proclaimed Music Doctor Joseph Mayanaja alias Jose Chameleone are the latest Ugandans to get death threats from particular sources.  Chameleone who is also a Kampala Lord Mayor hopeful claims he has been receiving death threats for a person referring to himself as General and using an MTN Number +256 778 935 68, which is registered under the names of Jenifer Maniraduha.  Chameleone claims that the said number first sent him a message at 6 pm on September 10, demanding for Shs5m or he gets killed.  “I ignored the requests and just again today at 9:17 pm they are back asking me to send mobile money of 8,000,000 shillings. I already made my police reports and hope the Uganda Police and security can apprehend such goons that are getting at large,” the singer said.

He now calls upon telecom company MTN Uganda to use their technology to bring the suspect to book.  “So our dear telecom MTN, please you can also assist on this. As for you who’s sending me threats, I am ready come anytime you wish. We all live once! With God I am not afraid!!”  Bebe Cool, on the other hand, has been threatened by a staunch people power supporter who goes by the Facebook name Kojja Omugezi.  The same source also claims that he will kill the mother of Bebe Cool as he has already obtained her physical address. Kojja Omugezi made the statements publicly on social media.

“When you see us on Facebook, we are fighting for a better Uganda where mothers like yours cannot be outside their country doing petty jobs. People Power, we are determined to fight until you get free money which selfish you are you can’t share it with your mum. Continue your stupidity she will soon join you in the better Uganda.”  Kojja Omugezi accuses Bebe Cool of helping the NRM win Hoima byelections, which he claims was the worst bebe Cool has done.  “Your last preaches in Hoima or she can come back and baby sits all the NRM grand children as she’s a graduate in babysitting. We don’t have guns as your friends used in Hoima but we are smarter than you Lumpens so when we say we want to liberate Uganda we shall use all means available but for now we are using the simple ones,” he said.  Kojja Omugezi went ahead to send messages to Bebe Cool on his WhatsApp to confirm the same. He then went back to social media where he hinted that he was in the know of Bebe Cool’s mother’s whereabouts. He used the number +27671503268.  However, Bebe Cool claimed threats from opposition supporters will not work.  “Threatening me won’t work, my mother is over 70 and she has seen it all. You causing harm to her won’t make me support your ideas/cause. Uganda’s opposition supporters think they will threaten their way to leadership, wish you luck.”  “This man is an ex ADF rebel in Uganda who got asylum in Ireland, now sending threats to a Ugandan mother. You are so weak to a level that you now resorting to threatening women and children. As for me, I will wait for the next assignment/by-election and work/results will speak again.”

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