Teacher Mpamire wins YouTube Silver award for surpassing 100k subscribers

Written by on November 7, 2019

With just 317 videos on his YouTube channel, Teacher Mpamire surpassed the 100k subscribers mark and YouTube rewarded him with the Silver Creator Button in recognition of his hard work.  In Uganda, there are several entertainers who create content on a daily basis and the consumers of this content are increasingly growing as social media becomes part of people’s loves.  One of those comedians with a huge following online, especially on YouTube, is Herbert Mendo Ssegujja commonly known as Museveni Mendo or Teacher Mpamire.  He grew popular for his skits where he acts as President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. He actually gained recognition which has enabled him perform at several big stages across the world.  His other famous character, Teacher Mpamire, has also made him famous on the African continent. He developed it and expanded it beyond stage as he goes on streets and poses tricky questions to the ordinary person.  His skits have won him several awards and the latest in the YouTube Silver Button which he celebrated together with students of Maag Infant School -Ndejje.  When a YouTube creator passes 100,000 subscribers they earn a Silver Creator Award. When they reach 1 million subscribers they receive a Gold Creator Award and if you hit the 10 million subscribers mark, you’ll score a glittering Diamond Creator Award.

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