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Self- proclaimed and arguablye true, the ‘Freshest Boy Around Town‘ is confident that his new album will blow minds with all the quality, effort and time he has invested in each song and sound on it. The album is set to be a 14-track playlist featuring collaborations from a few of the best artistes in […]

Singer Maurice Kirya has come out to express his belief that medical examination and traffic exams on boda boda riders can help reduce the number of accidents in Uganda. This follows a video that went viral over the weekend, showing some of the boda boda accidents that were captured on street cameras in Kampala in recent months. He came […]

Lil Baby has confirmed he’ll be creating the official song for the 2022 World Cup. The Atlanta-based rapper, who has made it to the charts with major bangers as “Yes Indeed”, “Drip Too Hard” and “We Paid”, was enlisted to add his name to Qatar 2022’s official soundtrack. The 4PF rapper also announced that he […]

Ugandan Socialite based in South Africa, Zari Hassan revealed that Shakib Cham Lutaaya, her new lover, has asked to meet with her father. Zari came out to reveal this in a video in which the two flirted with each other; and spoke in a local Ugandan dialect, where she said that Shakib was ready to […]

Defined not only by the vast and diverse fashion sense, amazing DJs, MCs, cultural dances and performers, and Art displays of various roots and origins, Nyege Nyege met the expectations of most if not all revelers that made it to the event. The four-day party experience happened at Itanda Falls in Jinja, with stages, the […]

In addition, you can also create backups and restore points, which keeps your computer safe in case of problems. This is also an excellent way to fix registry errors that you might have otherwise missed. Registry errors can be caused by improperly uninstalled applications that leave registry entries that cause startup problems. … Registry errors […]

Africa’s most anticipated adventure and festival, Nyege Nyege, that was rumoured to have been halted, was given a go-ahead and is set to happen from the 15th to the 18th of September at the Itanda Falls, Jinja. The plight of Ugandan youth seeking relief from the long spell of no such fun festivities, due to […]

Here, A B C D are placed in the cache as there is still space available. At the 5th access E, we see that the block which held D is now replaced with E as this block was used most recently. Another access to C and at the next access to D, C is replaced […]

Has anyone figured out any additional fixes aside from the ones listed here? My game has no problem downloading, but when I press launch, is doesn’t do anything. I have tried to press “Run as Administrator” to try to get the “Do you want this app to change your device” but nothing. I have tried […]

A probability exists that the error might be device-related and therefore should be resolved at the hardware level. A fresh operating system installation might be necessary – a faulty system installation process can result in data loss. Problems related to XInput1_4.dll can be addressed in various ways. Which is to say, XInput 1.4 is only […]

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