BLAZE / #NextReggaeLizeIt

Blaze is an everyday guy, that next-door neighbor that does not say much. Not the creepy one, the one who’s intriguing. The one who gets excited by drums and the bass guitar, the heartbeat and spine of reggae. He lives and breathes the genre. That’s awkward for a Ugandan, right? Not for him and those of his ilk.

Want not just a vibe but an upful one, catch him on “Reggaelize It” every Sunday at 3 pm. He has consistently, on the show, “played reggae as it ought to be played”.

Guess what? He not only plays reggae every Sunday, but he also helps shape the vibe that the station is during the week too.

While radio looks like it is his first love, it is just a side gig. What does he do outside of radio? There is always only one way to find out.

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