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Happy New Year and welcome to another epic episode of NXT TOP 20.
On this week’s episode, find out who’s in and who’s out. Sheebah Karungi is arguably the most hardworking female artist out of 256, she’s been holding the fort at number 1 on NXT TOP 20 for 11 weeks, can she retain the same slot for week 12? Let’s engage @NXTRADIOUG on our different social media platforms, #NXTTOP20 is the official hashtag for this conversation, let’s have those thoughts and predictions rolling in right away and check out NXT TOP 20 and find out this Saturday 12:00 PM.
This week’s episode is also ballistic as I am joined by seasoned Videographer, Film Director and Cinematographer Josh The Fixer he’s got some deep insights on the visual side the local Music Industry 2018, he also breaks down the blurred line between finances and creativity, find out his list of which video directors raised the bar in 2018, and as an authority in this field find out his expectations in 2019.

Joshua The Fixer

That’s not all, I am also joined by online guru and famous influencer Danze Deejahn, find out his thoughts as far as online music branding and positioning is concerned, his top 5 DO’s and DON’T’s regarding online etiquette.

Danze Deejahn

Seasoned digital strategist Daron Barlett crowns up our big conversation with great insights on the importance of a digital strategy, and how influencers and artists can co-exist.
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Daron Bartlett

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