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TRUE CLEAN, Ultra-Thin, Instant Dry Biodegradable Sanitary pads are Manufactured in Uganda by VD Industries Ltd. TRUE CLEAN SANITARY PADS are Instant dry and provide superior absorption. UNBS approved TRUE CLEAN PADS are RASH, BURN, ITCH, and BAD ODOR FREE. They are very affordable and easily available throughout Uganda.

Poor menstrual hygiene can lead to many issues like fungal or bacterial infections of the reproductive tract, irritation of the skin that may cause discomfort, and can possibly result in dermatitis – a medical condition in which the skin swells, turns red, and at times becomes sore with blisters. If neglected, it leads to toxic shock syndrome and other vaginal diseases.
As per the MHM survey report (a copy provided) It was established that the girls were not prepared early enough by their parents before their first encounter of menstruation (menarche). Seventy-three girls representing 50% of the 152 girls interviewed shared that they were shocked about their first menstrual periods which made them feel uneasy in public. Not even their mothers, aunties or anybody had prepared them for the changes they were to undergo in puberty. According to research by Miiro (2018), 23.8% of the girls they interviewed reported that they had not learnt about periods before their menarche. Findings from a baseline study on MHM in Kasese Municipality by St. Lucy Women; a CBO in Kasese district, revealed that 95% of the interviewed menstruating girls had not known about menstruation before its onset.
Some women (female teachers and community women) shared similar scenarios during the discussions in various FGDs. According to them, parents started talking to them only after their first menstruation. Studies suggest that 66% of girls are ignorant about menstruation until confronted with their first menstruation event, making it a negative and sometimes even a traumatic experience. Until today, there are women that have never appreciated menstruation as a normal natural condition.
“As women, we are not comfortable with menstruation. It is expensive, and we have not gained anything from it. “How I wish God created one menstrual period per year!” said a woman in Bundibugyo FGD.

LYDIA JAZMINE said “TRUE CLEAN IS my TRUE PARTNER during my Time of the Month, there were days when I felt not comfortable doing a show or a video shoot, but now since they are so comfortable, I almost forget that I am wearing one!!!

TRUE CLEAN together with LYDIA JAZMINE has taken up the initiative to educate girls and women in Uganda through #myfirsttomstory_ug
Lydia JAZMINE said “ Many people remember their first period, and for some, it could have been an unforgettable experience. There are a handful of dates that we remember for the rest of our lives and the day we got our period is one of them. We all have got our personal experiences to share and so to spread the awareness of menstruation, I would like to request you all to share your 1st Time of Month experience and join me in educating every Girl in Uganda on MHM.

Mr. Vineet Seth said “The common factor we have noticed is the feeling of anxiety when it came to sharing the news with family members….There’s still a long way to go opening up the conversation about menstruation.. we are sure #myfirsttomstory_ug with Lydia Jazmine will help us reaching out to everyone in Uganda. We shall be giving away one year supply of pads to selected participants who share their first-time experiences

We are excited to bring TRUE CLEAN PADS, with its superior performance, TRUE CLEAN will ensure Menstrual hygiene and a better product experience. Our confidence lies in the quality of our product and we are sure that consumers will love it as much as LYDIA does!


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