Minister Kiwanda defends the Uganda Miss Curvy pageant tourism promotion

Written by on February 8, 2019

We have just celebrated Miss World Africa.  The only difference is that Miss Curvey talks about Size Plus and other beauty pageants concentrates on slender and slimy ladies but the whole concept is the same.  Secondly the issue of appreciating our creation started with God himself. In the book of Genesis in the story of creation, God would look at what he has created and admitted the goodness of his creation.  Remember we are created in the image of God. So what’s wrong in appreciating the good work that was done by the Almighty God?  Several times, we have attended body building competition amongst men here and world over.  So do you want to say that this competition is about objectifying men’s bodies?  So the Miss Curvy competition is not about discriminating women,  it’s just an appreciation of God’s creation.  About making women a tourism product, this was misinterpreted.  My point was that tourism begins with the people both men and women.  My point here is that Uganda is beyond the flora and fauna that we promote.  The people are the biggest tourism product.  That’s why Ugandans have been voted several times as among happiest people in the world and one of the most hospitable.  This cuts across men and women, young or mature people.  Finally the event is organised by women themselves.  The Managing director of the committee organising Miss Curvey Uganda is Mrs Annie Mungoma.

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