Rema exposes Dr. Ssebunya’s special skills

Written by on November 19, 2019

Until now, Rema Namakula has been tight-lipped about her relationship with Dr Hamza Sebunya, holding her nerve by saying the least on social media probably because of the Kenzo situation that was attached to the entire event.  Having confirmed that she is indeed the Doctor’s new wife, Rema cannot hold the excitement anymore and has turned her social media into a zone of jubilation and expression of what a treasure her husband is.  With several captions attached to the wedding photos, Rema severally points out how she met a special guy who accepted her the way she is and has continued to make her feel special.  In more captions, Rema reveals that she finally found someone who she hates leaving and can’t get enough of, someone who has not asked her to change and she is indeed madly in love with Dr. Hamza Ssebunya.  She longed to walk down the isle and she seems to have finally done it with her better half. We can’t stop congratulating her upon her achievement.

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