Douglas Lwanga’s phone snatched, asked to pay half price for recovery

Written by on March 2, 2020

NBS TV After5 show host, Douglas Lwanga is feeling low after his treasured mobile phone was snatched by a pick-pocketer last night.  The celebrated TV host opened up about the loss of his phone through his social media pages after a ‘gentleman’ who is believed to be in possession of his phone at Mutasa Kafeero asked him to pay half price of the original cost of his phone to recover it.  According to Lwanga’s post, the person believed to be in possession of his phone even seemed to be a bit kind as he promised that he would even return his sim cards using a safe boda.  He went ahead and promised that he would back up all his data on the SD card plus all his pictures if he fulfills his requests.  At the moment, Douglas Lwanga is a bit confused about whether the dude is a good thief or he should take other options.

My phone was stolen last night so it found its way at Mutasa Kafeero & when i called the number, the gentleman on the other end told me he had it and it was in safe hands. He made some demands if i needed it back.

1- I either pay half price of the Total Phone cost money.

2- He was so kind he would return my simcard alone using Safe Boda.

3- He Offered to even backup my data on SD card like contacts and pics

Douglas Lwanga

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