Bebe Cool says friendship with wife Zuena would survive even their divorce 

Written by on February 12, 2020

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The way that Bebe Cool jealously protects and shows affection to his wife Zuena Kirema, it is always hard or near to impossible for his fans to ever think that a thought of breaking-up could cut across his minds.  Well, at a very micro extent it does. This is after the Wire Wire singer disclosed that the two have stood a taste of time in their relationship because of their very tight and close friendship.  In an interview as Bebe Cool was issuing tips on how he has kept his love affair vibrant with his wife, he explained that being good friends with Zuena has kept their relationship sailing.  He then hinted that if he ever broke up with Zuena, it would be about love affairs but not their friendship bond which is too strong and solid to break in between.  Bebe Cool further noted that friendship is not all about communication as many people relate it to but it is something bigger which is unexplainable.  Bebe Cool made the remarks just a few days after Eddy Kenzo lamented how he couldn’t communicate directly with Rema anymore as she had changed all her contacts numbers that he knew before and as well blocked him on all her social media accounts.  Love is not just about love. Friendship. Me and Zuena, we have a very strong bond of friendship in our relationship which is very difficult to break at the moment. If I ever break-up with Zuena, God Forbid. It would be about love, not our friendship. I pity anyone who would hook up Zuena if we broke up because if he can’t end our friendship, then I pity him the more.

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